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AFS Phoenix BBQ Luncheon


BBQ-Feature Image

Todd Lawson and David Alberty are serving up BBQ Pulled Pork, BBQ Chicken, Potato Salad and Salad to the AFS Phoenix staff on this casual attire Thursday. Desert and drinks outside on a wonderful Phoenix day in late spring. Thanks to Patricia Hill, Kim Bender and Robyn Rieger for helping to pull it all together.

The 3 Chef Amigos
Joe, Todd and David serving the picnic line at AFS

The Picnic Line
A beautiful day in Phoenix for lunch by the pond at our HQ offices.

Picnic Table 2
Colleagues enjoying the great food, weather and company.

Picnic Table
Marketing, IT, Finance, HR, Support, Executives and more.

Picnic Tables by the Pond
To our diligent staff who had to man the fort while we indulged, we salute you!

End of the line
Finally after seconds, the line is coming to an end.

AFS Picnic 1
Joe, Todd and David get a chance to sit and partake of the southern BBQ.

Robyn and Patricia
Thanks Robyn and Patricia for putting this together.