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AFS Direct Store Delivery Mobile Solutions for Wholesale Beverage Distributors Helps Southwest Beverage



The following is a case study of how AFS’s Direct Store Delivery mobile solutions for wholesale beverage distributors increased route flexibility and productivity for Southwest Beverage (SWB).

SWB is a wholesale beverage distributor servicing Southwest and Central Louisiana from three branch locations. Today they are among the top 10 percent of Anheuser-Busch Wholesalers in the United States, with annual sales of over 4.2 million cases servicing more than 1,200 accounts.

For 32 years, SWB routes have used handheld computers to service customers, meeting ever-changing requirements while increasing capabilities, efficiencies, and providing an excellent return on investment. In 1996, they developed a hybrid selling method allowing pre-sell and delivery routes to use the same infrastructure.

Current system objectives

  • Continuously improves the opportunity to sell, time conservation and constant development of staff selling capability.
  • Has on-going evaluation and testing, looking for more ways to improve efficiency and the design.
  • Continuously monitors and minimizes the on-the-road time-consuming distractions.

Challenges in selecting a selling software

  • Is the most efficient selling tool; easy to use, reliable, works consistently, focused on selling and minimizing steps.
  • Incorporates basic selling features and functions while being flexible enough to allow the core functions to be mixed and matched as selling methods evolve.
  • Meets their business, government, and supplier requirements.
  • Has flexible parameter settings allowing functions to be turned on/off, customizable reports, enhancement options, and handle disaster/emergency requirements


SWB elected to use AFS’s Direct Store Delivery mobile solutions for wholesale beverage distributors, because:

  • “It met our selling software requirements.”
  • “They sent their representative to actually follow and work with our routes in the field. They did not assume their software would meet our business requirements.”
  • “They recognize the value of improving their system. They pay attention to details, fix inconsistencies, and minimize key strokes.”
  • “To meet the ever-changing industry requirements, they address new issues and if/when their system cannot meet them, they offer enhancement options.”
  • “They offer excellent customer service.”
  • “They are operating “ahead of the times;” incorporating leading edge technologies.
  • They are the only selling software vendor that has ever been willing to sit down and seriously address integrating seamless Voice Data Entry.”
  • “They have well-thought-out plans in place; selecting the most logical software platforms that will move them into the future. Their Sales Force Automation (SFA) software design can be configured for any role in a sales organization.”
  • “They are not like some software vendors who tweak or just fix their existing software so that it will work under new operating system platforms. They are not trying to force a “square peg in a round hole.””

The Results

AFS’s Direct Store Delivery mobile solutions for wholesale beverage distributors provided SWB with greater flexibility, incorporating forward-thinking technologies designed to help move them into the future. SWB is confident that AFS Mobile software solutions will continue to address their industry, supplier and retailer challenges.