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Hain Celestial Improves Volume, Revenue, and Market share; Reduces Spend



Business Opportunity 

Hain Celestial is dedicated to create and inspire a healthier way of life through its organic and natural better-for-you foods. But without the right tools, the company’s trade spending program was not reaching its volume, revenue, and market share potential. Challenges included inefficient trade promotions, invalid deductions, wasted human resources, and inaccurate forecasting.

At the business process level AFS worked with the folks at Hain to determine root cause issues among which were; promotions not properly forecasted due to being missed completely or being duplicated or overlapping; inefficient manual processing in trade spend, audit compliance, accruals, forecast analysis, and annual planning; and finally, organizational silos in planning, forecasting, deduction management and budget management.


Forecasting, promotions, and deductions are now in one location with easy access to internal and external users. Hain can trace back for promotion and deduction details, extract promotions forecasting, project trade spending, avoid duplicate promotions, identify products missing forecasting, generate customized reports from raw data, traceback promotion and deduction detail, attach files within promotions, decrease spend liability, view promotions not forecasted, and avoid duplicated or overlapping promotions.

A holistic snapshot of organization-wide metrics that generate accurate forecasts and enable meaningful decisions is now available. The user-friendly solution enabled forecasting to be entered down to L4 level through integrated data, PY forecast/actual and SKU level integration.

TPM and ERP data were not integrated which created a host of inefficiencies. The solution included the automation of promotions, deductions, audits, ERP integration, multiple product level accrual, approval process, promotions not forecasted, prior periods, clearing. backup and deductions, check requests, approvals, and payments, history search, reconciliation, old check payments, data management, forecasting, history and LE, and SKU information.


“The AFS TPM Retail solution is a user-friendly, versatile, all in one basket with excellent backup service, and frequent system improvements,” Nalin Seneviratne, Manager Trade Spend, Hain Celestial concludes. “My advice to anyone considering this product? Go get it.”

“AFS helped us improve volume, revenue, and market share while reducing spend levels,” Seneviratne reports. “Our investment with the AFS TPM Retail solution quickly paid off.”

“The AFS TPM Retail solution integrated planning, forecast, deductions, and budgeting so that we can now extract forecasting and project trade spend percentages efficiently,” Seneviratne elaborates. “So far, we have identified nearly $300,000 in invalid deductions.”

“The AFS TPM Retail system has improved our forecast accuracy by an average of ten points,” Seneviratne adds. “Now that we have a fully integrated system tailored to our industry and specific business model, we have the exact data we need to make appropriate decisions, which has directly led to increased revenue.”

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