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How KIND Snacks Drives Costs Down



In March 2019, AFS Technologies merged its TPM business with Exceedra and created a global leader in integrated business planning and revenue management practice. This case study refers to “AFS TPM Retail.” We are in the process of transitioning to the Exceedra brand. As we move forward, “AFS TPM Retail” will be called “Exceedra Professional TPM.”


Business opportunity

Originally established in 2004, when KIND Snacks grew to 80,000 U.S. distribution points by 2014, sales planning and settlement was no longer manageable nor sustainable using its current system. And although KIND’s trade spending generated positive overall returns, the snack manufacturer could not discern successful from unsuccessful spends and therefore its return on investment could not be maximized. 


After a thorough vetting process, the nut-and-fruit snack manufacturer selected AFS Technologies’ market-leading, built-for-CPG Trade Promotion Management (TPM) solution. Working side-by-side with the AFS Professional Services team, KIND Snacks began the transformation of their sales planning and settlement processes. AFS TPM Retail introduced capabilities for managing sales revenue and spending objectives, base volume planning, closed-loop promotion management, and settlement. Plus, AFS TPM Retail’s built-in reporting provided a robust, flexible analytical resource enabling visibility to “latest estimate” (act+est) performance versus objectives, forecast, and year ago. 


With its new AFS TPM Retail solution in place, the manufacturer was able to pinpoint successes and reallocate unproductive money to the more profitable activities. 

“This investment has paid huge dividends,” Jill Watson, KIND Snacks’ Director, Finance Systems reports. “AFS helped us drive down cost since bringing deduction management in-house and this has reduced our broker commissions which have generated cost savings for our business.”

This is now possible with access to actionable, real-time data, including promotion profitability, total trade spending visibility, account and/or product-specific profit and loss, promotion calendar, and accurate sales and spending forecasting.

“AFS has been not only a critical partner,” Watson added. “But also an asset to our team through some key transition periods in both staff and process evolution.” 

Data provided by the newly configured AFS TPM Retail solution also empowers KIND Snacks to move into the future efficiently. KIND Snacks now makes smarter decisions, devises more relevant ideas, and works more strategically, setting itself up for a bright future thanks to its relationship with AFS Technologies. 

“The project team has provided guidance and best practice to align our business goals to system processes,” Watson concludes. “They are quick to respond and always make you feel like your account is important. They are a true pleasure to work with!” 

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