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Massimo Zanetti Beverage USA Selects Exceedra’s TPM Solution


We are happy to announce that Massimo Zanetti Beverage USA (MZB-USA) has selected the Exceedra Integrated Business Planning solution, including Trade Promotion Management and Trade Promotion Optimization (TPM/TPO), which will enable the company to optimize its trade spending while streamlining the sales planning process and better measure return on investment (ROI) on its trade spend.

MZB-USA is a vertically integrated company dedicated solely to delivering the very best cup of coffee on earth. The company manages every step of the coffee making process for many of its own products as well as for its customers—from planting and harvesting, to the roasting, manufacturing, and distribution to coffee lovers around the world.

Chris Rice, VP Sales and Marketing N.A. at Exceedra, said, “We are very excited to be working with the Massimo Zanetti team to help them evolve their trade management capabilities.”

The Exceedra platform provides MZB-USA with an easy-to-use solution to better manage the sales planning and trade promotion management process across Sales, Finance, Supply Chain, Demand Planning, and Marketing. This will enable MZB-USA to automate both the pre and post evaluations of trade promotions, as well as customer business plans, in one system—by providing better-informed decision making.

“We reviewed the marketplace for a solution that would help simplify planning while increasing our capabilities around TPO and post-event analysis. We found Exceedra to be the best fit for us and we’re thrilled that Exceedra will help advance our integrated business planning process,” commented Mike Rakowski, VP Retail Sales at MZB-USA.

About Massimo Zanetti Beverage

MZB-USA is part of the Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group, founded in Treviso, Italy more than forty years ago. Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group is a world leader in the production, processing, and marketing of roasted coffee and other coffee and tea products. The Group manages different activities from the procurement of coffee to its consumption and operates multiple manufacturing and distribution facilities across Europe, Asia, and the Americas, as well as a global network of over 400 coffee shops in fifty countries.

With its North American headquarters and main roasting facility in Suffolk, Virginia, the company also has a main distribution center in nearby Portsmouth, Virginia where Sales, Marketing, and the Trade Promotions teams are based, a roasting plant in Moonachie, New Jersey, and distribution hubs throughout the country. MZB-USA also operates the largest coffee farm in Hawaii located on the beautiful Island of Kauai. MZB-USA’s tradition of excellence extends from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans.

Exceedra is a global provider of Integrated Business Planning and Revenue Management solutions for Consumer Goods companies. Our solution enables our clients to simplify their sales, finance and demand planning processes and gain clearer visibility on their Trade Spend ROI. Our customers have achieved greater performance in Trade Promotion Management/Optimization, Customer Business Planning, Joint Business Planning, Demand Planning, and S&OP.

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