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On Demand Webinar: Direct Store Delivery Expertise, Solutions and Enabling Technologies


In this AFS On-Demand Webinar, hosts David Feaster, AFS Senior Sales Consultant, and Greg Roberts, AFS Enterprise Account Manager, share precisely how the expertise, solutions, and Mobile Direct Store Delivery technology provided by AFS can improve your production efficiencies in 2019.

As the digital supply chain changes the way business is done, customers will expect more variety in 2019. In this presentation, industry veterans Feaster and Roberts share how consumer goods company CEOs, CTOs, and sales and marketing executives can leverage direct store delivery expertise, solutions, and enabling technologies to exceed industry demands. Since 1982, AFS, a leading global provider of software solutions purpose-built for consumer goods companies, has helped consumer goods companies do just that through its desktop and mobile direct store delivery solutions.

A complete direct store delivery and routing accounting solution, AFS’s direct store delivery helps an organization synchronize and coordinate delivery operations to improve production efficiencies such as purchasing, receiving, scheduling, and tracking. There are four key components to the solution:

AFS DSD Office: Manage in-field activities performed by the sales and delivery team. Plus, stand-alone functionality supports inventory management, order management, generation, and production.

AFS DSD Mobile: Make deliveries, take orders and payment, and record essential order data with this Android and iOS application.

AFS DSD Distributor Management: Gain visibility, access, and control of inventory, orders, and delivery activities performed by third-party distributors on behalf of manufacturers.

AFS OMSi: Feature-rich, sophisticated, web-based order self-service for B2B and B2C business models.

AFS G2 Analytics: Gain powerful insights with data analytic capabilities through a combination of user-specific dashboards and tabular reports.