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Paving the Way for Delivering a Seamless Experience—a Kimberly-Clark presentation


Kimberly-Clark is paving the way to delivering a seamless experience to its consumers in a digital world. Their brands have been around for 100 years and are personal to the consumer. In fact, one-quarter of the world uses their products. Therefore, they need to be sensitive to and focus on having one-on-one relationships with their consumers.


During the CGT Sales and Marketing Summit 2015 in New York City, Jennifer Sepull, CIO and VP of IT Services, and Mukund Kaushik, VP of IT Services, Global Marketing, shared how Kimberly-Clark is finding disruption everywhere in the market. Rather than running, they are looking for ways to be part of the disruption in the digital world.

To brave this new world, Information Technology (IT) was brought in to be an integral part of the marketing team. The partnership is key in becoming a digital business that drives revenue and market share. The partnership began by understanding marketing’s and IT’s strengths. Marketing knows brand, how to engage and the consumer’s needs. IT knows how to make it happen and how to make it a nimble and joyous experience.

Together, they began the digital transformation journey by making sure the brand IQ and the digital IQ correlated. They began with training IT on how to build a solid brand, then continued training with how to build digital into the brand without being channel-specific.

Their model for engaging with the consumer with 1:1 marketing involved learning about them, sharing/interacting with them and then leading them to purchase. The inflection point is where ecommerce, content (including how to reach a consumer) and data come together to support the 1:1 marketing.

  1. Establish a content platform. Kimberly-Clark needed a flexible way of delivering content. The content must be relevant, timely, useful and personalized. The goal is to deliver the right content on the right device in the right channel at the right time.
  2. Data Analytics—the fuel for innovation. Kimberly-Clark is in the process of developing a closed-loop, data-driven marketing enabler to create seamless consumer experiences. They wanted a data supply chain that interprets all data—pulling data from all sources to create a 360-degree view of the consumer.
  3. Commerce—influencing the consumer from anywhere, including mobile, friends, social and multichannel. There needed to be more options beyond the store. Yet, they needed a dual approach to enable the old retailer model while preparing for the new digital age. For Kimberly-Clark consumers, their products are often purchased on a regular basis, so the product needed to be purchased easily from everywhere.

A great example is the Huggies video. This is an example of universal content that touches an emotional side and how adding the 3D printing to tie to the technology/digital side.