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Carlsberg Case Study on the Perfect Store, Big Data, and IoT


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AFS Technologies began to work with Carlsberg Baltics, to help with its two main challenges:

  1. It was a brand with a number one position in a declining beer market, and
  2. There was aggressive competition looking to buy market share.

Together, we focused on activities to address the following objectives:

  1. Save time – becoming efficient and effective,
  2. Manage out of stocks, and
  3. Gather intelligence at the point of purchase.

Carlsberg’s vision was to move to the perfect store execution. By implementing retail execution software, our sales teams would provide the backbone of data collection in store and the ability to create a perfect store scorecard. And from the data analysis, we could then track – analyze – improve.

It’s the little things

With a look on how a person carried out a task or activity, we were surprised at some of the results. Some low-value tasks took too long, and understanding this allowed the re-prioritization and refocusing of teams to what was important, and added value.


We also found a great disparity of time and quality across teams. By finding the best practice and using the retail execution software as a coaching mechanism, we implemented a consistent approach, a motivated salesforce, and KPIs that managed themselves.

For example, on one task we saved three minutes per customer and across the account base we saved 161 hours, or 20-man days, while still looking for other opportunities to save time. And there were many.

A war on out of stocks

We attacked out of stock through two mechanisms:

1. First, by combining big data – sales stats, promotional plans, and delivery schedules – we created predictive orders with AFS in the software, which proved to be 80% more accurate than the manual orders previously created and saved about 10 minutes per order to create.

2. Then through IoT shelf sensors. By placing weight sensors under each line in a cooler, we could see the buying patterns of the consumer, how long a product was out of stock, and when it was replenished. This insight allowed our salesforce to advise the retailer on the impact of consumer choice and missed revenue opportunities.

Perfect store retail execution was transformational in the business, moving our salesforce from transactional sellers to trusted business advisors, and our business to working with qualitative rather than anecdotal insight.

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